Digital video by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Public relations & marketing by Nancy Edmonds Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota
Product photography by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota
Aerial photos by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Hotel, restaurant and hospitality photos by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Product photography by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Agricultural photos, including ag equipment photography, by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Architecture photos by architectural photographer Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota

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About Nancy Edmonds Hanson, APR

Nancy Edmonds Hanson, APR,  has explored virtually every corner of the communications industry in the Upper Midwest. She puts that experience to work in her practice of public relations for  public-spirited organizations.

 She is president of Hanson Photo Video Communications of Fargo. In addition to her PR practice, she teaches media writing, public relations and fund raising in Minnesota State University Moorhead’s Department of Mass Communications.

She is an evangelist of streaming Web video. An  independent affiliate of HelloWorld, VM Direct and FirstStream, she works with businesses, professionals and churches to get maximum impact from their Web sites and communication.

She is also active in The LOOK by Hanson Photo.Video and has studied with a number of leading national photographers, including Hanson Fong; Ralph Romaguera, and Jean, Dave and J.D. Wacker.

Nancy has worked as a daily newspaper and magazine writer, editor and columnist (staff and freelance); a publisher of regional books; a television producer, and an advertising executive.

She's the author of the best-selling book How You Can Make $25,000 a Year Writing (No Matter Where You Live) — and has been practicing what she's preached since collecting her degree in mass communications from MSUM in 1971. She also has written five photo-essay books on the North Dakota, published in collaboration with North Dakota Horizons Magazine, featuring photos by her husband Russ Hanson and Sheldon Green.

Accredited in public relations by the Public Relations Society of America, she offers media relations and direct communication services to a number of clients in the Upper Midwest, including Neuropsychiatric Research Institute, Jamestown Hospital, North Dakota State College of Science, Mayville State University, DDL Inc., University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dakota Certified Development Corporation,  The Stabo, Creative Kitchen and others. She also provides collateral support for fund-raising campaigns and programs.


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