Digital video by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Public relations & marketing by Nancy Edmonds Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota
Product photography by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota
Aerial photos by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Hotel, restaurant and hospitality photos by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Product photography by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Agricultural photos, including ag equipment photography, by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Architecture photos by architectural photographer Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota

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“The quality of Russ Hanson’s photography is second to none. He always makes sure we have just the right photos. He is always willing to go wherever we need him, whenever we need him ... often at multiple sites under tight time restrictions. ... I have been totally pleased with the work that he and Nancy have done for Jamestown Hospital. They are always willing to go above and beyond what’s expected of them to do the job right.”

  Jan Barnes

  Jamestown Hospital

  Foundation Director

Digital Photography by Russ Hanson: Fast, Flexible Commercial Photos for Web Sites and Catalogs

When a digital image is your destination, choose the route that suits you best. Hanson Photo Video Communications offers you several paths to excellent digital images.

Professional Digital Images by Russ Hanson:
Fast and Filmless — No Negatives!

Digital imaging has revolutionized our business in both photography and video. Not only are digital sessions at Hanson Photo Video fast, efficient and fun. You can view images as they are being captured right in the studio. Corporate photos that originate in digital form are ready soon after capture for uploading to Web sites or placement in catalogs and other digitally produced publications. Your images are provided to you on CD-ROM ... in exactly the formats you need, and with the finishing touches (including color correction, compositing and retouching) that make them memorable.

Your digital files are the raw material for countless channels of communication, from traditional print and broadcast applications to new media tailored to today’s brief attention spans and demand for customer-driven information. In addition to stills and footage for Web sites, we help you get the most from your images with iCDs (interactive CD-based multimedia presentations), slide presentations on DVD. Our digital video services integrate perfectly with these approaches.

Additional Digital Services

Hanson Photo • Video • Communications offers a number of additional services related to digital imaging:

  • Expert retouching and compositing

  • High-end negative and transparency scanning (Agfa DuoScan T2500)

  • Digital true photographic output (Fujix Pictrography 3000). 

  • Image post-production for a variety of uses, from print reproduction to the Web and other media.

Copyright & Reproduction Rights

Our policy is to assign copyright — and all future reproduction rights — to our clients at the time they pay for our services. We will be happy to provide you with a formal release of copyright to facilitate future use of your image. (We retain only the right to use images made on your behalf in photographic displays and competitions.)

Digital photo by Russ Hanson     Graphic design by Troy White


Digital photo by Russ Hanson


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