Digital video by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Public relations & marketing by Nancy Edmonds Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota
Product photography by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota
Aerial photos by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Hotel, restaurant and hospitality photos by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Product photography by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Agricultural photos, including ag equipment photography, by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Architecture photos by architectural photographer Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota

Last December Russ accepted the challenge of photos for a set of recipe cards that needed to be done, from idea to finished product, in six weeks. He and his food stylist took the recipes, found food and props, prepared the dishes and created well-styled photos ... and worked through the holidays to do it. The photos were delivered to our graphic designer well before our deadline. We had great large-format pictures both for the cards and for 20x24" photo display boards. We appreciate being able to work with a North Dakota company and receive such high quality work.

    Lynne Bigwood

    Pro Home Economist

    Northarvest Bean   

      Growers Assoc.

Food Photography by Russ Hanson

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Food Photos Should Look So Good You Can Almost Taste Them ...

Food Photography: Commercial photographer Russ Hanson cooks up mouth-watering images for hotels and restaurants, agricultural commodity promotions, product promotion, cookbooks and other projects where good taste and great photos go hand in hand.Food and beverage photo by commercial photographer Russ Hanson, Fargo

Most food photos are shot in our studio for complete control of lighting and environmental factors.

Sometimes, however, its more convenient for our clients to photograph their menu items and specialties on site in restaurants or commercial kitchens. 

Our food stylist prepares dishes and designs the photo.
Food stylist Laurie Hoium works with commercial photographer Russ Hanson.










Chef John Davis --- hospitality photo by Russ Hanson



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