Digital video by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Public relations & marketing by Nancy Edmonds Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota
Product photography by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota
Aerial photos by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Hotel, restaurant and hospitality photos by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Product photography by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Agricultural photos, including ag equipment photography, by Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota Architecture photos by architectural photographer Russ Hanson, Fargo, North Dakota


“We have come to rely on Russ and think of him as our ‘resident photographer.’ No other professional has been able to meet our expectations in all areas. Whether he’s photographing our guestrooms, our menu items or our full staff at Christmas, the end result is always total perfection. His artistic and critical eye catches every detail prior to shooting, so we are spared delays and disappointments. ... We seldom have the luxury of pre-planning. He is most often called upon at the last minute and given an impossible deadline ... and not once has he let us down.”

   Edi Falk, senior admin.

   Ramada Plaza Hotel, Fargo

Hospitality Photos by Russ Hanson That Say Welcome!

Hospitality photos by Russ Hanson, Fargo, N.D. The hospitality industry thrives on a special kind of commercial photography — photos that capture not only the look, but the aura of excitement, elegance and comfort that bring guests to an unforgettable hotel, an enticing restaurant or a nightspot that lights up the night.

Russ Hanson and his award-winning photography captures the spirit of hospitality for publications, presentations and the Web. We travel throughout the Midwest to help you make diners’ mouths water and help sleepyheads find just the right spot to dream. We have worked with many of the most demanding corporRestaurant photograph by Russ Hanson, Fargoate groups, including Ramada Plaza, Radisson, Holiday Inn and Best Western, as well as independent and franchised F&B operations.

Copyright & Reproduction 

Our policy is to assign copyright — and all future reproduction rights — to our clients at the time they pay for our services. We will be happy to provide you with a formal release of copyright to facilitate future use of your image. (We retain only the right to use images created on your behalf in photographic displays and competitions.)

  • Architectural exteriors
  • Images of facilities — from the lobby and front desk through dining and recreational amenities to the guest rooms.
  • Restaurants and lounges
  • Food and beverage tabletops
  • Action photos that capture first-class service

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Hospitality photographer Russ Hanson, Fargo, N.D.

Food photography by Russ Hanson, Fargo, N.D.
Restaurant photo by Russ Hanson, Fargo

Hotel photography by Russ Hanson, Fargo 

“Russ Hanson is one of the best! He and Cindy, his digital artist, are very knowledgeable and have done a great job shooting our hotels in Fargo, Wahpeton and Loveland, Colo. I recommend them to anyone!”

    Kathy McAllister, manager

    Dakota Hospitality Corp.

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