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Arctic Cat snowmobile helmet -- photo by Russ Hanson

Professional Digital Images —

Fast Results, No Negatives

True professional photography in digital formats. 

Nearly 30 years of experience sets our digital images apart.  Digital refers only to technology — but professional photography demands the knowledge and experience that develop top-quality images.

You can count on both with master photographer Russ Hanson.

We produce best-quality digital images using the latest digital equipment from Kodak and Nikon ... with RAW native files of nearly 40 MB. With more than 10 years of daily digital experience using a variety of professional photographic software, we’re well-versed in the essential processes that lie between the digital image and its end use as a superb photographic image.

Hanson Photo Video Communications delivers the knowledge of lighting, composition and photographic reproduction you can count on to make your products look terrific.

Faster Results.  Digital images can be captured and post-processed — color-balanced, converted to the format of your choice, and written to a CD-ROM — almost immediately.  Quick turn-arounds are available on other services as well ... dropping or replacing backgrounds, incorporating type and logos, or blending two or more images, for example. We can also produce true photographic digital prints on our Fujix Pictrography 3000 photo printer with the shortest possible turn-around..
Versatility.  Digital originals can be converted for use in all kinds of media, from printed catalogs to World Wide Web ... in black and white, duo/tritones or full color.
Quality reproduction.  Each well-lit, well composed digital image can be balanced for optimum reproduction on the specific press and paper stock you have selected for your project.
One shot does it all!  Digital images can be captured in color, then converted for high-quality black and white reproduction.  No need to shoot both color and B&W film!
Use your images again and again.  Unlike most commercial photo studios, Hanson Photo Video Communications assigns you copyright and reproduction rights upon payment for the session. You'll never have to negotiate usage fees again.
Convenience. We catalog your images on index sheets and provide them in the formats you need on CD-ROM disks, Zip disks or via e-mail.
Archiving. Eliminate the problem of lost or damaged originals. We can provide long-term storage of your images on permanent media and maintain the files for future uses.
Cost savings. Digital shoots often cost less than traditional film-based photography. Most important, they eliminate the substantial cost of scanning images and making halftones or color separations when your project is ready to go to press.
Printing on tighter deadlines. By providing your printer with digital photos, you can eliminate the need for scanning and making halftones or separations — a time-saver when facing impossible deadlines.
Fast turn-around. Digital photography yields results much more quickly than traditional film-based work, where time must be allowed for the photo lab. And images are Web-ready on the spot.
No more re-shoots! When you can preview images as they're being captured, you can identify problems on the spot and correct them immediately without a separate re-shoot. Even if you miss a detail in the studio, quick review of digital previews means that you can fix trouble spots within hours rather than days or weeks.

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Newsletter photo for Creative Kitchen, Fargo, by Russ Hanson

Newsletter photo for Jamestown Hospital by Russ Hanson

FireRocker coin-op kiddie ride photo by Russ Hanson

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