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Marketing public relations puts a human face on your organization. In a time of impersonal shortcuts, small businesses and institutions have one special arrow in their quivers: The ability to relate to clients and customers on a genuine personal basis.

Not all channels of communication are equally effective. It’s interesting to note that research supports what your intuition may be telling you. The more personalized your message, your product and your service, the likelier you are to attract and hold the attention of people whose interest is most genuine.

The mass audience is nearly dead. The people on whom you count to build and sustain your organization are afloat on a sea of clamor ... media noise. They’ve evolved into highly selective and skeptical audiences of one — wise to the ways of advertising, and too savvy to be swept away by most traditional broadcast and print advertising.

That’s blurred the effectiveness of advertising in bringing customers to your door. Instead of the one-size-fits-all hard sell — the stuff that ads are made of — we focus on helping you close the circle ... moving back to a time when buying decisions were built on personal relationships rather than flash or exaggeration.

Real people. Real voices. Real messages with real meaning.
In other words: public relations.

Hanson Photo•Video•Communications specializes in personalized marketing and public relations strategies ... turning mass messages into personal conversations. 

We create a face for your organization. 

We help you find your real voice — and raise it. 

We specialize in direct mail  — including newsletters, marketing packages, interactive new media and personalized correspondence. Then we help you integrate it with the Internet to build meaningful conversations with your high-priority audiences. 

Let’s talk about how to connect with the people who count most to you.

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