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Content is crucial.
But the medium is part of your message, too.

Marshall McLuhan was right, you know. Forty-two years ago, he proclaimed that the medium is the message — that the channel through which your message is carried is as much a part of what you have to say as words themselves.

It’s not just what you say. It’s how you say it. The public relations channels you choose to carry your message may be as critical to the success of your marketing efforts as the content itself. 

Here, in descending order of effectiveness, are building blocks to form the foundation of your relationship with your clients or customers.

This hierarchy of channels of communication is based on research by Frederic Volksmann, director of public relations for Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. It appeared in the Aug. 26, 1991, edition of PR Reporter.

Channels are ranked from most effective to least effective.

  1. One-to-one, face-to-face conversation
  2. Small group discussion, meetings
  3. Speaking before a large group
  4. Telephone conversation
  5. Handwritten, personal note
  6. Typewritten personal letter
  7. Mass-produced nonpersonalized (“dear friend”) letter
  8. Brochure or pamphlet sent via direct mail
  9. Article in an organizational newsletter
  10. News carried in the popular press
  11. Advertising in the mass media
  12. Billboards, skywriting, advertising specialties and the like

Volksmann's research predates the Web, which holds tremendous potential for public relations. Web sites and Internet communications combine aspects of telephone (live chat), personal notes (e-mail), brochures (sales-oriented web sites), newsletters (e-mail narrowcasting) and web-based news media coverage, as well as the potential for highly targeted advertising and specialty promotions. The Web doesn't substitute for traditional controlled and uncontrolled communications ... but it has the potential to add tremendous strength when integrated into your over-all public relations strategy.

Hanson Photo•Video•Communications specializes in personalized communications and public relations strategies ... turning mass messages into personal conversations. 

We put a face on your organization. 

We help you find your real voice — and raise it. 

We specialize in direct mail  — including newsletters, marketing packages, interactive new media and personalized correspondence. Then we help you integrate it with the Internet to build meaningful conversations with your high-priority audiences. 

Let’s talk about how to connect with the people who count most to you.

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