Marketing and public relations by Nancy Edmonds Hanson, Fargo, ND
Marketing and public relations by Nancy Edmonds Hanson, Fargo, ND Custom book authorship and production by Nancy Edmonds Hanson, APR
Web strategies and web site design by Nancy Edmonds Hanson, APR Media relations, news releases and news conferences by Nancy Edmonds Hanson, APR

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Books take on a life of their own. They capture history. They reflect achievements. They fascinate now and future generations. Even in these days of comprehensive web sites and DVDs, books deliver marketing and PR impact quite unlike any other medium.

But while what a book represents is timeless, its form is changing. Nearly irresistible forces are warping the old ink-and-paper standard into new channels and formats.

Real people. Real voices. Real messages with real meaning.
In other words: public relations.

Hanson Photo•Video•Communications specializes in personalized marketing and public relations strategies ... turning mass messages into personal conversations. 

Letís talk about how to connect with the people who count most to you.

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