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Direct mail is pushy. It intrudes. 
In marketing, this is a good thing.

Direct mail — never, never call it junk* mail! — is the Cinderella of today’s marketing and public relations story.

* “Junk mail” is best defined as somebody else’s direct mail.

Yes, we’re talking about snail mail. Doesn’t that sound quaint? Despite the so-called common wisdom, though, direct mail is stronger and more muscular than ever ... pulling its full share of the load.

Direct mail integrates perfectly with Web-based marketing, driving visitors to your site. While postal carriers aren’t deterred by sleet or snow or dark of night, your Web site is ready 24 hours a day (and on federal holidays) to serve impulsive customers — answering questions for the curious, inviting feedback and taking orders.

Well-thought-out direct mail gets attention. It gets handled. Delivered via well-conceived affinity mailing list, it arrives in the mailbox already assured of at least a degree of interest.

Despite the volume of marketing mail, it **does** get read. Research conducted on behalf of the U.S. Postal Service says that well over half of recipients look at least briefly at unsolicited mail. When it’s properly targeted — that is, when they’re already interested in the topic at hand — the proportion of readers exceeds 80 percent.

Results are even stronger in business-to-business marketing, where your audience is actively looking for products and services to do the job better.

We work with public-spirited organizations in education, health care and human services to develop relationships, often incorporating direct mail into their plans. 

We also work with retail e-commerce clients and business-to-business marketers.

Real people. Real voices. Real messages with real meaning.
In other words: marketing public relations.

Call Nancy Edmonds Hanson to talk it over. She can help. 

Hanson Photo•Video•Communications specializes in personalized communications and public relations strategies ... turning mass messages into personal conversations. 

We put a face on your organization. 

We help you find your real voice — and raise it. 

We specialize in direct mail  — including newsletters, marketing packages, interactive new media and personalized correspondence. Then we help you integrate it with the Internet to build meaningful conversations with your high-priority audiences. 

Let’s talk about how to connect with the people who count most to you.

Call Nancy Edmonds Hanson for a free one-hour consultation: 1.877.290.0967.


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