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Marketing and public relations by Nancy Edmonds Hanson, Fargo, ND Custom book authorship and production by Nancy Edmonds Hanson, APR
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Extra! Extra! You’ve got exactly what the media need most — stories to snag their audiences.

The news media are starving for something that you have in your pocket. They need it ... badly. It’s always in short supply. And if you can figure out how to feed their need, you’ll never be starving for coverage again. 

What are they hungry for? Stories — good stories, funny stories, touching stories, helpful how-to stories, stories about people like you.

If you can provide them with stories and ideas that meet their needs, they’ll go on to meet yours. 

We work with clients to develop meaningful media coverage in local and regional media, and in trade or industry publications. Most of our business-to-business colleagues find a receptive — even eager — audience among editors and reporters charged with covering their beats with the breadth and depth that readers expect.

Sometimes we help make obvious and essential media announcements. Sometimes we help clients figure out where the best stories are buried in their day-to-day business. 

The stories are there. The secret? Knowing where and how to look. We can help.

Real people. Real voices. Real messages with real meaning.
In other words: public relations.

Hanson Photo•Video•Communications specializes in personalized marketing and public relations strategies ... turning mass messages into personal conversations. 

We put a face on your organization. 

We help you find your real voice — and raise it. 

We specialize in direct mail  — including newsletters, marketing packages, interactive new media and personalized correspondence. Then we help you integrate it with the Internet to build meaningful conversations with your high-priority audiences. 

Let’s talk about how to connect with the people who count most to you.

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