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Education & Training VideosDeere Tractor

Educational videos run the gamut from heavy equipment operation to musical instruction ... from how to use a new product to safety measures. Itís not only an effective learning tool for both those who learn by seeing and those who learn better by hearing: It thwarts all the folks who refuse to read the manual!

Video is unparalleled in its ability to instruct and train. People of every age are comfortable with the medium. The combination of sound, color and motion captures and holds their attention, while showing exactly what you're discussing.Moe Studio of Music, Fargo, North Dakota

Itís professional ... itís powerful ... and it enhances your image of customer service and expert instruction. Best of all, our video service is designed to be genuinely affordable for businesses and organizations of any size.

North Dakota Implement Dealers career recruitment videoHanson Photo Video Communications can help you deliver your message in todayís hottest medium. Your program may be adapted for a variety of communications media and formats, including not only videotape but interactive multimedia CD-Rom, a digital format suitable for computer playback, and several format choices for use on the Web. 

Weíre equipped to shoot either in our studio in Fargo, N.D., or at your location. We can assist you in every stage of production, from identifying your audiences and writing a script to shooting, editing, post-producing and duplicating your program. Most important of all ó we'll work with you on marketing and distribution if you wish, to make sure the video you produce actually reaches the people you want to instruct.

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